Austin Cryotherapy Testimonial – David Garza, Ironman

By on Feb 18, 2012

I am an endurance athlete and ice baths have been a regular part of my regime of workouts. I would do ice baths after some of my longer workouts. This year I decided to race in the inaugural Texas Ironman this May for my 3rd Ironman race. During the training I started to use the Austin CryoStudio instead of my regular recovery methods. I was so surprised at the effects the CryoStudio had after my workouts. I no longer had to hassle with the ice and time to take an ice bath.All I had to do was stand in the Cryo chamber for 2 ½ min! It was so convenient and quick that I could actually get a quick recovery method in!

Austin Cryotherapy Testimonial with Ironman David Garza

In all my long training leading up to my Ironman race, I used the Austin CryoStudio. I found that all my aches and pain normally associated with ironman training was little to nonexistent. I was very happy with the results from Austin Cryogenic Studio. With their help I was able to toe the line injury free!

Thank you Austin CryoStudio!

—David Garza

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