Austin Cryotherapy Testimonial – Jamie, Middle School Distance Runner

By on Jan 18, 2012

I love to run really fast but training for track competition or running in track meets in the hot Texas sun takes a lot out of me. When I’m done working out or racing, sometimes I feel just like a drained battery.

Austin Cryotherapy Testimonial Young Athlete JamieI have learned from my coaches and my Dad that the right type of recovery and nutrition are just as important in helping me reach my racing goals as is the hard running I do on the trail or the track. So, after a super exhausting session of 800 meter repeats on the track or the day before I compete in a 1500 meter race, I’ve recently added something new to the way I train. I like to take a quick and cooling trip to the CryoStudio of Austin on Bee Caves Road to help speed up the recovery I need. It feels pretty chilly at first, but before I know it, I’m done and feeling great.

After I’m finished with the Cryo treatment I feel really refreshed, charged back up and ready to race again if I needed to.

—Jaime, age 11

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