Featured Client – Jessica Stephen

By on Jul 22, 2012

“My experience with Cryotherapy has far exceeded my expectations. I was a little skeptical on everything it promised but after 8 sessions I am a believer and you could say slightly addicted. The biggest difference is my recovery. I’ll do a workout knowing how sore I am going to be the next day but the following morning I am a little tight and fatigued maybe but NO lactic soreness. It’s crazy! I’ll think I didn’t push myself enough or go heavy enough but after a week I realized it’s definitely the Cryo treatments! Love it!”   — Jessica Stephen

Jessica is a CrossFit Central coach and personal trainer, the head women’s coach at RunTex and the creator of the Strength and Beauty program. She continually seeks out knowledge and experience to bring the best to her clients. Jessica is passionate about helping others to achieve a happier and healthier life and specializes in functional training and strength development for life and overall wellness and will motivate you to surpass your highest goals.

“I believe my destiny in life is to empower and inspire people everywhere, especially women, that they can have the life they want and health and fitness is a critical part of that. CrossFit is my vehicle to changing people’s lives from the inside out and is the most rewarding career I can imagine for myself.”

Learn more about Strength & Beauty here.

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