Have Fun Naked

Have Fun Naked

By on Jan 12, 2012

Now that we have your attention, let us specify – almost naked.

Gentlemen, for your cryotherapy procedure you will don only cotton underwear and socks. Ladies, you will rock nothing but the socks.

In addition, if you choose to, you can also wear our specially made, one-size-fits-most shoes.

If you’re wondering what exactly this very new-age and scary-sounding cryotherapy is all about and why would you need to be naked, read on!

When you come into CryoStudio offices, you will be fully clothed (we assume). We will ask you to fill out a health history waiver and will clarify the issues you may be experiencing that bring you in.

Maybe you have pain from an athletic injury, maybe you are sore from your physically demanding job/lifestyle, maybe you are experiencing debilitating arthritis or other rheumatic disease, maybe you are pre or peri-menopausal, maybe you’re looking for relief from your eczema or psoriasis, maybe you have metabolic syndrome, fibromyaligia, depression, lack of energy? Maybe you have a pulled or strained muscle, a torn ligament, a broken bone? Maybe you are interested in benefiting from the extra metabolic boost that results in more burned calories at rest after the procedure? Or, maybe you saw your friends posting about cryo on facebook and just had to check it out for yourself, recognizing that Austin is still one of about fifteen cryotherapy locations in the United States?

Not your average ice-bath. Cryotherapy temperatures drop to 200 degrees F BELOW ZERO. The exposure time is short, and the nitrogen gas (dry) makes it tolerable, and many would argue, quite nice. Whether you love the sensation, or just the results – our clients are always pleasantly surprised.

Whatever brings you in, the first procedure will be relatively the same for everyone. (Additional sessions and prescription/recommendation of frequency and intensity of the sessions can be discussed at your request).

  • We will take your blood pressure and then show you into the procedure room.
  • We will leave the room, allowing you to disrobe and step into the chamber.
  • You’ll ring the bell to let the technician know to come back into the room when you are ready, and in the chamber. We can’t see you naked in the chamber. This is important to know. Many people ask us. It’s a legitimate concern – because we want you to be as relaxed as possible, so rest assured.
  • The procedure lasts 2.5 minutes. You will stay in the chamber with your head and hands out (unless hands are gloved in which case they can stay inside) and rotate. The chamber will fill with nitrogen gas and you will feel like you are surrounded by a cold cloud. The last 30 seconds or so can get pretty challenging. You’ll want to think about something else or concentrate on how your body is feeling. We like to use this time to talk to our clients and ask them if they can feel cold more in certain areas of their body over others (if yes, its important to compare these sensations from session to session).

Once the session is over, technician leaves the room and gives you time to dress.

Blood pressure measurements are taken a second time.

When you walk away from the session you may feel rejuvenated. You may feel euphoric. You may feel lighter, energized, excited, pain-free, an increased range of motion, less swelling in any previously swollen areas of your body. You may feel more positive, more hungry (hungrier?). You may realize that you’re able to step in a way you weren’t able to before, put more weight on a leg you couldn’t before, use your entire range of motion in your shoulder/hip/knee/elbow/neck/back, you may be able to touch your toes when before, your pulled hamstring wouldn’t let you even reach your knees with a straight back. You may take a picture of your swollen ankle that has suffered a grade 3 sprain and then again afterwards and marvel at the immediate difference.

OR, you may feel nothing, and that’s okay. You may feel nothing because your issues were more serious than can be affected after just one session. You may feel nothing because you were asymptomatic to begin with and so there was nothing to “fix”. You may feel nothing because every body reacts differently to this (and every) therapy and one session may just not be enough for you. Think about any other therapy – such as massage. You probably know people who love massage and feel the benefits immediately after a session. Others, even though they have tried massage, never gave it a full chance because they didn’t feel a difference after their first session. It’s the same thing with cryotherapy. It may not work in one session for you – that does not mean it won’t work for you at all.

To be fair, we like to recommend between 3-5 sessions to fully assess if cryotherapy is for you.

If you are in fact struggling with any of the ailments listed above, or are interested in cryotherapy as an innovative and cutting edge recovery therapy and want to have some fun naked, we encourage you to give cryotherapy a try.

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