Introducing Cryo Facials

Introducing Cryo Facials

By on Jul 17, 2012

After your cryotherapy session, you’ve felt the effects on your body. You feel energized, refreshed, “reset”, younger, healthier, more vibrant. That sounds like a good look for your face. Now you can try it out for yourself.

Schedule a special-rate introductory price cryofacial with a licensed esthetician as soon as this weekend. For a limited time, we will be offering our weekend facial clients special pricing and ease of scheduling with availability all day Saturdays and Sundays. Call us (512) 900-3838 or email us today for your first cryo facial experience.

Don’t worry the temperatures are not as low as the whole body process. The gold plated tip on the device head reaches a temperature as low as -20C (as opposed to -110C), the entire facial lasting around 40 minutes, and feels absolutely amazing. No liquid nitrogen here, either. Just a cool cryofacial machine (the only of its kind in theĀ 

United States) and a facial expert who is excited about showing you how cool cold can be for your skin.

Get ready to leave our office feeling refreshed, you skin looking fantastic and your spirit lightened after a relaxing facial just for you!

Want to come in with a friend? Schedule two sessions (back to back) for an additional $5 off each session, and enjoy our relaxing massage chairs and music while you wait. Maybe even take some time for a whole body cryotherapy session while you’re here! See you soon!

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