Austin Cryotherapy Testimonial – Roger Borbón, Pure Life Chiropractic

By on Sep 18, 2011

Below is a written endorsement CryoStudio received from Austin’s leading specialist in natural healthcare, Neurologist, Dr. Roger Borbón.

I am compelled to share with your current and prospective cryotherapy users not only a client’s but a doctor’s point of view regarding what you have brought to Austin through CryoStudio. Let me first start with TRUST. I have known Coach Galina Bukharina for 20 years. Her credentials and professional achievements are profound and were beyond enough to command my attention when she exposed me to this breakthrough therapy which is virtually non-existent in the United States. As an Olympic Coach and World Record holder, I know that Coach G only deals with “real deal” tactics. I also know that she is very pro-holistic/natural therapy which is where my specialty lies. As Austin’s leading specialist in natural healthcare, I am endlessly approached with those selling gadgets, supplements, and the likes for my endorsement and use of the aforementioned. I always keep an open mind but if there is a kink in the armor I will find it. I will never advise something to my patients without first hand experience and/or proof of it being safe and effective. After researching Cryotherapy and understanding the physiology it made a lot of sense…in theory. I decided I needed to experience it for myself.

As a former professional athlete I am all too familiar with sitting shoulder deep in an ice-bath after workout for 20 minutes. Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds. It’s just one of those painful things you do when you’re prepared to do what’s needed to reach the highest level of performance. This leads to my second point. CryoStuido has brought Revolutionary Therapeutic Technology to replace an absolutely miserable time tested therapy replacing 20 minute ice-baths for a 2-3 minute super cool experience. When I was testing this therapy I was completely asymptomatic and my result was feeling it was very pleasant. However, my second session followed a rigorous sprinting workout. My legs, glutes, and calves felt like lead weights and full of pain. The next day I went to CryoStudio and was absolutely Overwhelmed with My Results. I felt so remarkably well I literally began bounding a few minutes after treatment just to test if the immediate recovery I perceived was real…like pinching myself. I wasn’t dreaming; I really felt that good that fast.

I know it’s not about me but my patients. I had to be sure this would work just as well with even my most difficult cases. So I arranged an experiment with two patients whose histories of degeneration and injuries are so severe that if it works for them I knew any other chronic or acute case I have would also benefit. Hours after the therapy I received a call from one of the participants. I could hear hope, excitement and feel his smile through the phone. As a doctor whose practice is filled with true life transformational turnarounds via natural means it is with great delight to add CryoStudio’s healing technology to my short list of endorsed treatments.

Pure Life Chiropractic Neurology LogoThank You for Bringing Texas This Amazing Therapy,

—Roger Borbón DC, DACNB, FACFN, CCCN

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