The Coolest Place in Austin

The Coolest Place in Austin

By on Jul 17, 2012

Austinites love the fact that our city stays on the cutting edge. We are a modern, progressive and forward-thinking community of educated, fitness-minded and social folks. And we love our city. We are also known for all kinds of “firsts”, “records” and other talking points.

This year we have recorded some of the hottest temperatures, as well as some of the lowest. That’s right – it’s gottenĀ to nearly 200 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) at the CryoStudio of Austin.

With the drought (and recent rain!), and hot weather – the active Austin population hasn’t seemed to slow down, much. Our fit community is getting much more creative about getting fit, but staying cool.

Some popular choices have been to take it indoors! Indoor cycling, Pilates, swimming in indoor pools. Others have taken to the water outside (what’s left of it!) for the normal aqua activities and even yoga!

Our friends at Austin Simply Fit have been offering refuge from the heat at their centrally located private personal training gym – in half an hour per session, certified personal trainers and an awesome atmosphere.

Still too hot? How does 200 degrees below zero, and even lower, sound? Imagine that those hypercool temperatures offer much more than just relief from the heat.

From aesthetic and health benefits like anti-aging and weight-loss, to recovery therapy for athletes and pain management for those suffering, cryotherapy has multiple applications.

If it sounds too good to be true – its not. Its nothing new. The theory of cold application is sound – and one of the oldest in history. Whether you sprain an ankle, are attempting to slow the formation of a bruise, or offering relief for painful inflammation – we’ve been using cold, in the form of water or ice, for centuries.

But what happens when you can take that COLD and make it HYPERCOOL? What happens when you use a platform like nitrogen gas (which has a different density than water or even air and can maintain a much lower temperature)? What happens when, instead of localizing treatment to affected areas (we know that symptomatic pain can occur in parts of the body that are not the actual culprit) you expose your body to a whole body treatment that stimulates the brain to produce healing effects for your entire being?

The rapid and gradual decrease in extreme temperatures as provided through whole body cryotherapy does offer decrease in inflammation and pain relief, like an ice bath.

But, unlike, an ice bath – it offers help with:

  • mood disorders
  • anti-aging benefits
  • pain management
  • metabolic boost
  • immune health
  • recovery
  • energy

Professional athletes, weekend warriors, pain sufferers, those looking to try anything new and exciting, and even those looking for aesthetic improvement are all among the broad list of clients at CryoStudio of Austin.

Austinites are lucky to have a cryotherapy chamber (one of only 10 in the United States – not all of which are even open to the public) but others have even made travel plans around our services and come from far away for a dose of super cold.

Check back weekly for the next six weeks as we chronicle the six major benefits of cryotherapy and expand on each one.

No matter what your goals are – or in what arena in life you’d like to perform, Whole Body Cryotherapy at CryoStudio of Austin allows you to “Perform. Recover. Repeat.”

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